Summer Kickoff Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Basecamp Hotel is the sole sponsor of this contest. The winner must meet the eligibility requirements of Zipcar membership available at www.  If the chosen entrant does not meet Zipcar eligibility requirements for membership, then that chosen entrant will forfeit any prize. Winners must remain Zipcar members in good standing to receive the prize, if a Winner is no longer in good standing or violates the Zipcar Membership Agreement, any remaining not yet awarded prize will be forfeited.  To win the free year Zipcar membership, you must provide a current, valid credit card. Payment options such as checking accounts, pre-paid credit cards, or gift cards cannot be used. While you won’t be charged for your free year, you will be automatically upgraded to a yearly paid membership plan ($70 per year) at the end of you first free year. To cancel your membership, follow the instructions here